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About Us


We know the law the best and we use it to help you out

Uncertainties about the law can put you at a disadvantage, especially when you’re building your business from the ground up. We want to make things clear and easy for you, that’s why here we are. At Ramba Consulting Group LLC, we’ve built a solid network of legal professionals and lawyers across the region. Our team is here to help you realize your dream through our extensive knowledge of laws, rules, and regulations.


Where boundaries end and opportunities start

Ramba Consulting Group, LLC is a consultancy group that believes in what you can achieve. We have been helping clients realize their dreams into reality by implementing our political experience in Florida’s state and local government. Located in Tallahassee, Florida, Ramba was founded by David E. Ramba. His extensive knowledge of the law and government policies allowed him to deliver professional services and solutions to his clients. His areas of specialization include the following: 

  • Local government
  • Utilities
  • Taxation
  • Franchise issues
  • Environmental regulation
  • Administrative rule-making
  • Other general government matters


We are well-versed in practicing how business law works. Know how you can protect your rights, resolve disagreements, and determine the standards related to business concerns and government policies. Our knowledge encompasses knowing about employment law, taxes, contracts and litigation, bankruptcy declaration, and the likes.


Know the rights you have over your intellectual property. Own and receive the revenues under your copyrighted content by letting us guide you on how to keep track of it.


Protect your rights when you trade and engage with your market. Before engaging your business in partnerships, and other legal-bonding agreements, let our team advise you on what you should do.


Resolve disputes and let us facilitate third-party conversations whenever you need to negotiate with a business partner, consumer, and worker.